Salon Policy & FAQ

Salon Policy:

Cancellation policy
Please allow at least 24hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling of appointments.

Mobile Phones
For the comfort of yourself and others it is requested that you turn your mobile telephone off during your visit to the salon.

Skin/Sensitivity Testing
All hair salon clients are required to have a skin/sensitivity test 48 hours before any hair colour service.

Frequently asked questions

Q - What is a skin/sensitivity test?

A - A skin/sensitivity test is to ensure you do not have an allergy to the colorant we use. An allergy can develop suddenly, even though you may have previously had a technical service.

Q - How long will a skin/sensitivity test take?

A - A skin/sensitivity test takes less than one minute a small amount of colorant is placed behind your ear to be left on for 48 hours

Q - How do I know if the skin/sensitivity test is ok?

A - If you experience any itching, swelling or sores you must let us know straight away. If you forget the colorant is there and do not experience any of the above you are fine. Once you have had your skin/sensitivity test we will keep it on record for you. Without a skin/sensitivity test we cannot perform your colour service.

Q - How long will I be in the salon?

A - A general service can take up to 45mins. A technical service can take up to 1 hour, 45mins. Times can vary due to different hair types, services and cannot be guaranteed.